Hana Church

Hana Church is an inter-denominational evangelical Christian church launched on November 22nd, 1997. It is a multi-cultural and multi-generational church. The unchanging Word of God is applied in a fresh and innovative way. We value voluntary participation and service through mature faith.




Christ to this generation, this generation to Christ.

그리스도를 이 세대로, 이 세대를 그리스도로.

Mission Statement

  • To Glorify God
    It is our primary purpose and the rightful duty of Hana Church
  • To Fulfill the Great Commission
    Reaching the lost with the gospel so they may come to know Christ and accept Him as their Savior and Lord
  • To Develop a Bible-Centered Body of Christ
    For believers to come together to join the family of God in His love as prescribed in the Bible
  • To Develop Innovative Christian Culture
    Instead of emulating the secular ways, we seek to develop an innovative and creative Christian culture that is both Scriptural and contemporary
  • To Develop a Multi-Generational & Multi-Cultural Church
    For 1st, 1.5 and 2nd generations and other cultures to be unified under one leadership and to form a church which serves the community


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